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Rust has wiped n shit! Big Grin
https://gyazo.com/8378086dcd8fd36bc91070dbb921535f what the fuck is this impersonating piece of shit doing with my name. >:{
The Chat Logs Will Set You Free!
never have given another gaming community a chance Big Grin
the dumb ass code deal (so i am not a robot) thing u type in to complete the reset-password deal was not functioning. i'm not leaving. had to restore my windows like a million times to fix my poop. i was just frustrated bro... u all r stuck with my Jewish a$$ lel
idk whats going on with your login but i will look into it friday, unless you are leaving. save me time.
Vash is awesome!!!! Big Grin
I wish I was a bit younger and still wanted to play fucking nonstop )^:
A disinterest in video games keeps me from coming back and playing it feels like. I had nonstop passion to play games constantly and every day, now it's rare for me to be on more than an hour in 3 days on anything feelsbadman.
I will definitely be installing rust when my virginmedia internet gets here.
Might re install rust and learn how to play it again (havent played since the alpha pre entire game rework) so i can help out on there as well
You all have been doing an amazing job with the Rust servers. This is something I could not do alone, even if I did not have my current work schedule. Keep up the solid work and remember to vote! (Including myself) https://rust-servers.net/server/144002/ https://rust-servers.net/server/144003/
hell yes i did... they need to stop fkin with my stories.
you kept calling em out
because snapchat doesn't believe in freedom of speech and their support must be based out of india.
How do you get bannef on snapchat?
Sethbrrrreh* four R’s
Follow my Instagram- Sethbrrreh
Snapchat finally perm banned me. reach me @ Denver-187 . lmao

Just making a short announcement that we have 3 new servers.

Day of Defeat: Source - IP:
Left 4 Dead 2 Co-op campaigns - IP:
ARK: Survival Evolved - IP:

All of these servers are 100% vanilla.

To join the L4D2 server you need to put -console in start options and connecting through console by typing -connect

All servers has been added to the servers page.

this event will be held at 03-31-18, 8pm est.
a lot of credits will be given away.
we can use a lot of help by population, take a minute to invite all your friends.
help from our member/admins will be appreciated aswell.
1st.  7000 credits
2nd. 5000 credits
3rd. 4000 credits
4th. 3000 credits
5th. 2000 credits

both maps will have the same prizes.
the 3rd map will be a course map.

2500 credits if you can beat this map.
you can win more than once.
5000 credits for the most impressive course player.

i hope to see a lot of players attend.
if this event will be a succes, i will be giving away csgo skins or a game at the next one.
you are not allowed to swap teams at this event. If an admin swaps you, that means he did it in an attempt to balance the teams. 
if you do not follow ourserver rulesyou will be disqualified/punished.

let the bets roll.

February Promotions!

Hello community! It’s that time of the month once again where we give recognition to those players who have been dedicating a lot of their time and putting in that extra effort to help improve and make this community a better place. I would first off like to thank everyone who has been active on the servers and forums. Without you guys constantly playing and showing new players a good time there would be no HoE. However there have been a few players in particular who have shown they not only care for this place deeply but are willing to put in extra work to help make it grow. These people will be promoted and given some extra responsibility and a chance to really represent HoE to the best of their abilities.


@Gotcha was promoted to All Server Admin at the beginning of this month after his successful string of events. That’s not the only reason he was promoted of course. Whether you love him or hate him Gotcha has been here for a very long time and never hesitates to help out where needed. He is a very friendly person (most times) and over the year+ he’s been here he hasn’t caused a single problem. So naturally when someone has been here this long and has shown the kind of dedication he has they get a chance at more responsibility. So congratulations Gotcha you’ve been promoted to All Server Admin and are now also a member of the Events Team! I know you will make us proud. Keep up the hard work birry!

@Raktor will be the last one for our CS:S/CS:GO division. Raktor has been another player who has been with us for a long time. I can’t personally say that we always see eye to eye on things but I can’t deny the fact that he is a very active player on Minigames. What I will say is your attitude isn’t something I like at all and I can only hope that this promotion pushes you to be a more positive and welcoming individual. This promotion came with a lot of resistance and controversy from the higher-ups but nonetheless we decided to give you a fair shot. You’ve been promoted to Minigames Mod as well. I hope this isn’t a mistake and you are under a watchful eye. I hope my personal reservations are wrong. You now have the ability to help regulate the servers and are now a more integral part of the community. Don’t let us down. Congratulations!


@RepulziveJarl is an outstanding example of what a good admin and member should be. Not only is he active on our CS:S and CS:GO servers he has been extremely active on our Rust servers as well. Whether it’s just being a helpful and friendly person by answering questions to new players in the server or helping run our “mock” events and even coming up with entirely new events and getting players to sign up on the forums and join our teamspeak to help keep the server fresh and fun by providing players a fun new experience. So this is another natural choice to give him the ability to keep the 2x Rust server regulated and maintained so he has been given Rust Admin. He never hesitates to ask questions and makes sure everything is done correct the first time. You’re an amazing admin for our CS:S and CS:GO servers so I know you will do well on Rust as well. Congratulations!

That about rounds it up for the promotions this month. I want to thank everyone who has been on the servers and making HoE the best place for gamers to find a good time and maybe even a second home for themselves and people they could call “family”. We’re always on the lookout for active members and players alike looking to take the next step so if you think that’s you, get active on the forums, jump into teamspeak, help out where you can and hard work will be noticed. Once again congratulations to those who’ve been promoted. Please give these individuals some time to adjust to their new positions.

See you next month!

-Hoe Managment

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