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I believe the bp wipe was this last wipe
Ayy, when the rust server wipes, will BPs wipe with it or?
titanium was going crazy before hahaha
Yea its still decently packed just no where near as much
oh my god, mini games is packed. my game quit
Minigames is packed rn. 40/44
I don't have rust tho but thats cool
Did my vote!!
people have 7 days to vote on apps buddy, people will eventually vote...
Backstabba you put your app up less than 24 hours ago...
@tommy Do you know exactly why no one is doing anything with my app?
good afternoon to everyone, i hope you guys are having a good day so far
yes just make sure the frags u hit are good!
Would I count?
hey so im working on a csgo frag video for hoecommunity, i was wondering if any one has any demos of themselves that amazing, if you do please send them to me :^). active players and members only ;D

I am posting this for everyone because I am getting many people asking me what our server IPs are as well as complaints regarding connection issues/game info.  Currently, I am looking into the issues and am almost certain I have isolated the problem.

However, I will post this for you all and update it if any changes are made by myself or Dream.

Within the provided image, you will see our server IPs and ports required to connect. Please post here if you have any issues regarding connection(s).

[Image: qDnqSkd.png]

HoE Management

The November Promotions!

Hello, community! It is finally this time of the month again. I would like to thank everyone for putting in extreme effort into this community, working extremely hard and making the community a great and fun place for everyone. So yeah, here are the promotions for November.

@Yanni has been an amazing Office player. Always notifying admins and moderators about rule breakers, if something is broken and many other things. He takes a lot of time out of his day to play on our Office server. Congratulations, @Yanni with his promotion on becoming the newest Office Moderator! Well deserved bud.

@Spikes Tactical is probably one of the most active admins on the Office and MiniGames servers. He has been a huge help throughout the past month and that has impacted the number of rule breakers that have entered the servers. Thank you for dedicating a lot of time to our servers! You are now being promoted to Trusted Office and MiniGames admin! Congratz @Spikes Tactical!

@Silentgoat has been one of our most active players on the Rust server which has been growing extremely fast meaning we obviously will be needing admins. Since @Silentgoat has spent an outstanding amount of time on the Rust server whilst reporting people who break the rules we all feel as if you should be promoted to an Admin for the Rust server. Thank you for spending so much time. Congratulations Silent, make us proud man!

Please allow everyone to adjust to their new positions. Thank you all for dedicating your time to HoE. We all appreciate it.


For awhile now the community has been growing rapidly and the influx of new players has really been a welcome change to the transition we went through earlier in the year. 

It has been an absolute pleasure in knowing and watching this indivdual mature throughout his years here at HoE and developed really into an upstanding member and face of the community.

I would like to congratulate @tommy on his newest promotion to Admin Manager

We know you will not let us down and will continue to learn and grow with the community in your new position. I really appreciate all the time you've put in and I know we don't see eye to eye all the time but your previous last few months here have really shown me you are up to the task!


*promotions will be forthcomming soon thank you.

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